Osho Qigong Love Tour of India and Nepal-2015

The Osho Qigong Love Tour of India and Nepal was completed at the end of February, 2015. Waves of bliss were experienced in the weeks during the tour with Qigong GrandMaster Yuan Ming Zhang and Sannyasins from OshoShambala, Ithaca, New York touring India and Nepal. Osho has talked about the opportunity Qigong presents to the seeker and Qigong GrandMaster Zhang is a lover of Osho and his Sannyasins and an actual lineage holder in several different Schools of qigong and martial arts. He is also a lineage holder of Mt. Wudang sword, a master of Shaolin fist and sword, a master calligrapher, feng shui practitioner and professor of Chinese Medicine.

What follows is a sample photos taken during the love tour. Moment to moment updates of the tour and much more can be seen by clicking on the FaceBook icon on this site and viewing the OshoShambala FaceBook wall.

Love Tour 565x230 Slide6

GrandMaster Yuan Ming Zhang

Love Tour 565x230 Slide5

A cast sculpture of the Masters feet. Sannyasins dancing and celebrationg

Love Tour 565x230_Slide4

Sannyasins with GrandMaster Zhang and his art.

Love Tour 565x230_Slide1

Qigong practice demonstrated

Love Tour 565x230_Slide2

Art presentation to the Commune.

Love Tour 565x230_Slide7

Qi energy of the sun taken in.

Love Tour 565x230_Slide3

Incredible pray flag display in Nepal


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