Osho Celebration and Meditation Day–Sept. 2014


Osho Celebration and Meditation Day – September Event 2014

Our first September Event took place at Reflections for Conciousness Center in New York City, on September 27, 2014. A wonderful gathering of new and old Sannyasins assembled at the Conciousness Center on East 24th street in New York City to celebrate, dance and meditate on a warm fall day. New York is alive with activity in Autumn and our celebration day added to the city festivities with even the iconic Empire State Building painted red!

Ma Nirupa lead us in several active meditations with laughter and dancing. A joke session took place before the laughter meditation with Sannyasins telling their favorite Osho jokes and some original jokes to get everyone into a laughing frame of mind!

Sannyas initiation was presented at the event to Jim who became Swami Basho. The Osho band Ghandarva concluded the day with an incredible medley of Osho songs that were sung to by everyone at the event. The musical moment captured the energy of Osho and his disciples.  

We hope to see you at future OshoShambala events in New York City and Ithaca New York. There truly is no substitute for actually being present at these events and experiencing live meditations and live music… Osho!

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“Remember always that the ultimate value is meditation, so anything you do, do meditatively; and all things can be done in a meditative  way.”  – Osho