March Event in NYC

Highlights of the day 

The Osho Full Moon Enlightenment Meditation Party took place at Reflections Yoga Studio in midtown Manhattan on Sunday, March 16, 2014.
With the energy of New York City and the live Osho band Gandharva leading the meditation, dancing and singing the day’s events were a powerful reminder of the wonderful and intense NYC March Events of years past.

This year the afternoon started with an energetic set of disco music by DJ Tah that helped create the high energy for Kundilini meditation and Osho discourse. After a tea break all participants were treated to a live dance and sing along Osho Band concert by Gandharva with Ma Prem Charu leading the dance festivities. There were many first time participants at this year’s event and as the sun set and the full moon rose we sang our last songs to Osho and went into the NYC evening for dinner and goodbye hugs.

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