December 2013 Event “The Secret of The Golden Flower”


Event Highlights

Our first winter Osho Meditation, Celebration and Music weekend at The Foundation of Light finished on Sunday, December 8, 2013. Along with Dynamic and Kundilini meditations the weekend featured light circulation within the body “The Secret of The Golden Flower” with Qigong Master Zhang. The practice Qigong facilitates a powerful energy flow that allows participants to, more dynamically, go inside and connect with life energies.

A special gift of a custom made ceremonial drum by Ma Tarika Lea of Alaska was played for the first time at the Saturday Qigong session conducted by Qigong Master Zhang. The incredible resonance of the drum in the hands of a Qigong Master provided a rare experience of the divine sound of Qi.

After Osho discourse the Osho band Ghandarva played newly composed music dedicated to Osho. Songs will soon be available on this site for sampling.

Swami Bodhi from Pennsylvania conducted the breathing meditation “Sarvasaar”, this meditation provides an opportunity for healing the body through breath work. Swami Bodhi shared this unique breathing meditation, that is unlike a typical yoga Pranayama, for our benefit and we are very appreciative for it.

Saturday evening Sufi Dancing with over 30 participants was available in the large meditation hall of the Foundation of Light after dinner.

A drumming circle with Oshoshambala event participants and others from the greater Ithaca area took place Sunday afternoon.

It was wonderful to experience Osho in a quiet, more contemplative winter setting.  (see the “Next Event” page on this site for details.)

We hope to see you then!

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“My effort is to leave you alone with meditation, with no mediator between you and existence. When you are not in meditation you are separated from existence and that is your suffering.”  – Osho