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The Art of Ecstasy-Kundilini

Tao_MastheadSo it is good not to talk about kundalini and chakras. Only meditation is to be taught and to be listened to and to be understood. Then, everything else will just follow.

Kundalini is not itself a life force. Rather, it is a particular passage for the life force, a way. But the life force can take other ways also, so it is not necessary to pass through kundalini. It is possible that one may reach enlightenment without passing through kundalini — but kundalini is the easiest passage, the shortest one.
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Zazen Meditation


Zazen is a deep unoccupiedness; it is not even meditation, because when you meditate you are trying to do something: remembering being God or even remembering yourself. These efforts create ripples.
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Golden Light


This simple method of transforming your energy and leading it upwards. The process is to be done at least twice a day.
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