A Cup of Tea – Osho

A Cup of Tea
Osho wrote the first letter in the book, “Cup of Tea” in 1962,
then the last in 1971. Much has happened around him since.

In 1970 Osho wrote:

The tree’s seed is sprouting,
soon inumerable souls will shelter under its branches.
Soon the people for whom I have come will gather…

Again in 1970, writing on the ancient Hindu tradition of sannyas,
he refers to a new kind of sannyas:
The fragrance of sannyas has to be spread around the world. …
It was an awful mistake to tear sannyas away from the world.
It has become bloodless,
and the world without sannyas has lost its life.
A new bridge has to be built between the two.
Sannyas has to be given back its blood and the world its soul.
Sannyas has to be returned to samsara…
And the world has to be fetched to sannyas too…
Then sannyas will be a real sannyas
and not an escape from the world.
It will be a sannyas and in the world…

And in 1977 all this happened, is happening, and continues to happen in a burgeoning, burgeoning blossom of orange…

Reading through these letters you can trace the growth, the unfolding, of a dazzling and prodigious sunflower, its petals stretching to the four corners of the earth. The journey fascinates. As a sannyasin you become a sharer in neo-sannyas from the very beginning. Moreover–what was happening to us during this time as unknowingly we prepared to come here and be with him as part of this tremendous spiritual revolution?

The letters are beautiful, poems, songs, hymns of the heart.

Can you see, feel, live, without the words?

If so then you are in meditation–so said Osho in these letters.

Excerpted from the book “a Cup of Tea”

The word is not the thing,
the word God is not God.
but the mind goes on accumulating words
and words and words, and then the words become the barrier.

See this as fact within you:
Can you see anything without the word?
Can you feel anything without the word?
Can you live even for a single moment without the words?
Do not think but see,
and then you will be in meditation.

To exist wordlessly is to be in meditation.

I received your letter.
Now never worry about me–
not even mistakenly! 
For two reasons–
first: the day I surrendered myself for God
I transcended all anxiety
because trying to look after oneself
is the only anxiety!
Ego is anxiety.
Beyond it: what anxiety? whose? and for whom?
Secondly: men like me are born to be crucified;
the cross in our throne
and our mission is fulfilled
only when stones are showered, not flowers.

But on the divine path
even stones turn into flowers,
and on the contrary path,
even flowers turn out to be stones.
Therefore when the stones start raining on me,
be happy and thank god!
Truth is always received like this.

If you don’t agree
ask Socrates
ask Jesus
ask Buddha
ask Kafir
ask Meera.

My regards to all.

I received your letter.
Do not fall into the whirl of calming the mind;
  this in itself is the restlessness.
The mind is what it is,
  accept it as such.
This acceptance brings peace.

Rejection is restlessness,
  acceptance is peace–
    and he who reaches to total acceptance attains to God.
There is no other way then this.

Understand this well
  because this understanding brings acceptance…
Acceptance cannot come from an act of will–
the act of will is itself non-accepting;
  I do conceals non-acceptance.
because will is always of the ego.
Ego cannot live unless fed by rejection.
Acceptance can never be brought about be action,
  only understanding life can bring it about.

Look, look at life.
What is is.
  it is as it is.
Things are such–
  do not ask for them to be other wise
    because they cannot be
  even if you so desire.
Desire is always impotent.
Ah, how can there be restlessness without desire?

Search, and search–
so much that finally the seeker vanishes.
There you meet him.
Where the I is lost, there He is.
There is not, and never has been,
any wall between–
except for the I.

Excerpts from “A Cup of Tea
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